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Tainted Love by Kevin Dellinger

NEW - Released October 12th 2018

The Future is Now!”

— Kevin Dellinger

Wicked Game by Kevin Dellinger

Wicked Game

Read about the "Wicked Game" HERE! It is now officially released!

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Kevin Dellinger Holds Lightning

This is the Official website for Kevin Dellinger. Kevin Dellinger is an independent alternative electronic recording artist. This website contains alternative electronic music. All digital products were created by Kevin Dellinger. If you are a Fan, then you have come to the correct website.  There is so much electronic music to explore. Each Electro album and song is unique. If you take the time to listen to each song, you will hear the originality. Some tracks have vocals. Some tracks are purely instrumental. Other tracks are mysterious. More tracks are alternative. Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy the music!

Begin exploring new music. If you are interested in Kevin's discography start here. The order of albums are from most recent to the oldest. Thank you for listening.

Independent Artist Experience and History:

Studio Recording experience: (1990 - 2018)

Digital Album History: (2000 - 2018)

Number of Digital Albums so far: 33

Number of Singles: 7

Number of Licensed Cover Songs: 5

Number of National Talent Contests Won: 2

Location: Opryland Hotel, Nashville TN. USA

1st place in Singer/Songwriter and Vocals - 1994

1st place in Singer/Songwriter - 1995

Please FOLLOW Kevin Dellinger on Spotify! Not only will this help Kevin gain a larger audience, It will support Kevin Dellinger financially as well. Kevin Dellinger has been recording music for 28 years. He has 33 digital albums of alternative electronic music. It is important to share his independent music to support his music career and family. If you are a fan, go to the Spotify artist page: Kevin Dellinger, Create playlists of Kevin Dellinger music and share it with your friends. Follow the artist page become an active listener. Thanks for your support and participation. 

Listen to this feature track from the album, "Digital Graveyard" called: Back to Me

Digital Graveyard

Music Update: This is a NEW licensed cover song release by Kevin Dellinger. The Safety Dance was originally released in 1982. The original songwriter is Ivan Doroschuk. The band that released the song was Men Without Hats. Kevin Dellinger has composed a new dance version of the Safety Dance. The song sounds similar to the original. However, Kevin creates an electronic slow house tempo to fill in the synths that made the song stand out years ago. This song is now available to stream on Spotify. If you like the song, add the Safety Dance by Kevin Dellinger to your playlists. The Safety Dance is also available on Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer and Tidal.

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New Cover Songs and Singles

Kevin Dellinger at 35

Licensed Cover Songs by Kevin Dellinger:

All Cover Songs are legally licensed through LANDR.

Tainted Love (Original Artist: Soft Cell)

- cover released October 2018

Wicked Game (Original Artist: Chris Isaak)

- cover released September 27th 2018

The Safety Dance (Original Band: Men Without Hats)

- cover released August 21st 2018

- also available on Beatport

People are Strange (Original Band: The Doors)

- cover released August 29th 2018

Light My Fire (Original Band: The Doors)

- cover released September 4th 2018



    Follow and Share Kevin Dellinger music on Spotify!

    Follow and Share Kevin Dellinger music on Spotify!

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    Blast 2 the Past is a blog hosted by Kevin Dellinger. This blog represents all of the great talent from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. There is much great music, movies, and historical information. If you are feeling nostalgia check it out. There are many great singers like Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Perry Como.

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    Kevin Dellinger is a registered writer and composer of BMI songwriter organization.

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